Mission Interests

Part of our vision is ‘to make Christ known’. Some of the work we support does this overtly by teaching about Jesus, whilst other aspects of it are about showing care and compassion to others in Swindon and further afield.

At Harvest we support a local charity The Filling Station who work with those who need food and or shelter.

 The Filling Station - The first Sunday of each month is dedicated to the collection of food

The Filling Station was started in 1988 and since then it has been providing hot soup and hot dogs, sandwiches etc to homeless people on a Thursday evening in the town centre from the back of a van and now a gazebo too!  For the last few years they have extended to Tuesday evenings as well. 

Toothill Church has supported the Filling Station as one of the harvest charities for many years, by donating money on the first Sunday of every month The Filling Station have issued an appeal for more support, as they are only getting about a quarter of what they need.

There is a basket at the rear of the church on the first Sunday of the month for anyone to contribute gifts to the Filling Station.

Water Aid - Buckets of Pennies appealWater Aid 2021

We regularly collect small change during Lent to supply clean drinking water and sanitation to those in need and these are collected on Easter Sunday.






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